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As a leader, you can do even more for your congregation through the lessons of Moshe Rabbeinu whom we so often point to as an example of a superb leader.  Part of his success was due to the fact that he was a good administrator – and that was to a large extent due to the systems he used.  He set up a good judicial system (with the help of Yitro).  He kept detailed records (his census records are but one example).  He was good at disseminating information (and he had an entire code of law to disseminate).  He used the best technology available at the time to lead his people (he was a pioneer in the use of recording information in stone).  Now you can use the best information technology available to help make your congregation thrive.

MOSES: A ‘Membership Oriented Synagogue Enterprise System’

Moses is a comprehensive, fully integrated information system designed to help you run your congregation effectively and efficiently.  It is based on over 15 years of experience with synagogue management.  To see how MOSES can help you part the Red Sea of red tape you encounter so often in running your congregation, read on.

MOSES gives you powerful tools to help you:

Keep records that are more complete and more accurate
   • Data entered once and used in an integrated way across the system.
   • Extensive validations keep errors from getting in.

Promote Better Communication with Members ...
   • though the use of automated e-mails, and a web site linked directly linked to the database.

Support Marketing
   • Use e-mail to promote to selected groups of members and/or affiliates.

Enable Better Financial Control
   • Integrated financial and proactive system notifications keep you in control and informed

Promote Membership Retention and Extension
   • Pro-active notification of membership lapses keeps you on top of membership issues.
   • Timely response to member enquiries improves member satisfaction and your image to the community.

Enable Long Range Planning
   • Demographic and financial analyses allow you to plan for the long term.

Support the Dissemination of Information to Handheld Devices
   • Your clergy and others who are mobile will have the information they need at their fingertips.

Encourage Member Involvement / Volunteer Management
   • Keep track of a full history all the committees and other activities each member is involved in.
   • Keep track of potential volunteers and their interests and skills.

Enable Better co-operation among staff
   • Information entered by one staff member is immediately available to all others.
   • In some cases (e.g. death notices), pro-active notifications are sent.

This makes your staff more productive.

Yes, to make your congregation thrive, you need more than good information systems.  Perhaps most important, you need people – but to make the people effective, you need information. Furthermore, you need the best information you can get – and the best systems to deal with that information, to help keep it up-to-date, to help disseminate the right information to the right people at the right time.

So be like Moses: use the best technology available to lead your congregation.  Let MOSES help you make the journey from inefficiency and member indifference to empowerment and member involvement.  Let MOSES lead you out of the wilderness to the promised land.