MOSES Empowers All

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With our vision of MOSES, you and your staff can do great things to manage your congregation efficiently and effectively.
You (as Executive Director) can

  • get the information you need quickly to follow up on whatever enquiry you get, from a member, from a staff member, a staff person, or whomever
  • keep on top of all those different activities that are going on at any one time
  • easily communicate with staff, with executive committee members, with committee chairs, and others
  • manage upcoming events with the help of the event calendar
  • gather statistics to plan for the future

Your Board Members can

  • check schedules and/or agendas for upcoming meetings

Your Committee Chairs can

  • view their budgets and expenditures against them
  • communicate easily with committee members and with the board

Your Committee Members can

  • check agendas and summaries of past meetings
  • submit to the chair emails for distribution to the committee members

Your Program Director can

  • plan activities/programmes based on interest and demographics
  • promote events via direct communication with members
  • manage events with the help of the event calendar

Your Clergy can

  • download a membership directory to his/her handheld to have it available when out of the office
  • have access to family and individual demographic information

Your Communications person can

  • draw on the system for content for weekly or monthly bulletins, e.g. list of events, bereavements in the congregation, special birthdays and anniversaries (without having to re-type them)

Your Controller (and your Budget & Finance Committee) can

  • set up cost centers to track different spheres of activity
  • review all accounting records, all journals, ledgers, and other accounting documents
  • print trial balances and financial statements
  • drill down from summary to detail when analyzing
  • generate next year’s budget based on last year’s actuals
  • set up charge codes and relate each to a GL account

Your Billings and AR people can

  • generate annual and one-shot billings for dues, for kiddish sponsorships, for donations
  • follow up on delinquents, via generated letters or phone calls, with the help of a full history of previous calls and a list of follow-up calls to be made
  • generate tax receipts based on payments -- with appropriate allocations of payments made by one person on behalf of another (perhaps a parent for an adult child)

Your Accounts Payable people can keep on top of bills to be paid, write cheques, print audit trails, update the GL.
Your Cemetery Management person can easily

  • determine where a person is buried
  • print an alphabetic directory to show who is buried where
  • generate a list of plots occupied and/or vacant and/or available
  • manage billings for care (annual, perpetual)

Your Yahrzeit Management person can, with the push of a few buttons,

  • generate Yahrzeit notices
  • print a report of this week’s Yahrzeits in alphabetical order (to be read at services)
  • print a report of this week’s Yahrzeits in order of Yahrzeit board position so that lights can be easily turned on without walking back and forth from board to board

Your Membership Manager can

  • track prospective members
  • print a membership directory (with an option for extra entries to reflect different surnames, so that, for example, a woman who goes by her maiden name will show under that name as well as with her family)
  • print labels for mailings, to all members or to groups (e.g. committees), or generate a file for a mailing house
  • print a list of new members (since a given date) to include in a bulletin, for example
  • prints lists or summaries of members by a given occupation or activity or skill and/or send out notices to them

Your Special Events Co-ordinator can

  • get a list of prospective Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for a given period and generate a mailing to the families
  • track whose Bar/Bat Mitzvah is when and find available dates for other
  • set up a schedule of ‘classes’, for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program or Adult Education course, or whatever
  • track attendance at classes and/or send notifications to group members
  • keep track of who has registered for a given event, and print out place cards along with seating lists, by name (to help people find their seats) and by table (names with dietary restrictions)

Your Marketing Committee can

  • reach out to members and prospects via email
  • easily manage content on the web site, soliciting articles from others and approving them and posting them to the congregation web site

Your Fund Raising Chairman can

  • easily get records on who contributed what when
  • plan campaigns
  • find specific targets based on criteria he/she specifies
  • count on an efficient system to process donations

Your ‘Member in the Pew’ can

  • update his records on the congregation’s web site
  • check his/her account and make a payment on the congregation’s web site

Your Services Co-ordinators can

  • keep track of who is taking what role (e.g. Parnas) when
  • find out who is able to read Torah/Haftorah based on parsha

Anyone Authorized can

  • generate a report ...
  • export data ...