Features: Membership, Cemetery, Accounting, and more!

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MOSES is a fully integrated system for effectively managing a congregation’s operations, from Membership Records to Events, from Cemeteries to Yahrzeits, from Communications to Accounting.


See what is and what has been happening with any member family or individual. Keep a photo of each member. Categorize members by your choice of different criteria (you set up your own categories), e.g. keep track of who is willing to read Torah and what portions they are able to read.  MOSES enables you to focus on your active members while still allowing you to keep records for members on leave, ‘affiliate’ members, potential members, and non-members. There are dozens of reports, including birthday reports, anniversary lists, gabbi lists, and occupation reports. Data is exportable to Excel. Automatic conversion from Hebrew to English dates.


Make enquiries and generate reports by (individual) mourner, by family, by name of deceased, by date (so that it is easy to print a report of this week’s yahrzeits)  It enables you to automatically send out yahrzeit notices in the format of your choice, showing name of deceased, yahrzeit date, and service times, with optional donation request. Yahrzeits are automatically set for family members when a death is recorded. Automatic conversion from Hebrew to English dates.

Memorial Boards

Make enquiries and generate reports by board position and by yahrzeit date. Easily find who's where, and what's reserved, and what's available.


Keep track and report on plots occupied, plots reserved, and plots available for each of your congregation’s sections in multiple cemeteries. 

Facilities Management

Reserve different rooms within your facility for different events, be they congregational events or private events (e.g. weddings, community rallies). Specify arrangements (e.g. Audio-Visual requirements) for each event. MOSES provides an easy way to find available dates for a function, with automatic notifications of conflicts. Can generate repeat bookings (e.g. for a monthly class). Events can to be posted to the congregation’s web site.

Fund Raising

Accurately track pledges, amount billed so far, payments so far, and balance. Generate prospect lists and track appeals/requests made and follow-ups made and to be made.  The pledge amount is automatically billed on the annual membership invoice, and the total amount owing on the pledge is reduced by the amount billed.


Easily do your annual billings (e.g. dues, building fund instalments) and one-time charges (e.g. kiddush sponsorships, donations) and voluntary charges.  MOSES supports a very flexible structure allowing any number of billing levels. There is an optional feature that automatically promotes members from one billing level to another level the following year (e.g. all members in the "Promo Introduction" level will be moved to the "Family Member" level). Voluntary charges can be written off individually or in a batch at any point in time. Supports multiple discount structures for special rates for one year or multiple years in the future. Simple and efficient electronic submission to the bank of automatic bank debits and credit card payments. Simple way to do a quick entry of multiple post-dated payments (e.g. 12 post-dated cheques or credit card payments).

Tax Receipts

Print a receipt for an individual or for all families at the end of the year. Fully Canada Revenue Agency Compliant! You can include a cover letter that precedes the receipt and optionally a detailed description of each payment and what it is for and how much is eligible for tax purposes.

Integrated Accounting

Fully integrated accounting including AR, AP, GL and Bank Reconciliation. They are powerful and proven in different businesses. Fully PCI Compliant safe and secure handling of credit cards. Generate pre-authorized member payments to the bank.


Easily send out ‘mailings’, either broadcast mail to all families or to groups (e.g. the Ritual Committee), by email and by ‘snail mail’ (via printed labels or by sending a file to a mailing house).  It keeps logs of communications sent.

Member Web Portal

Payments come in faster when members can pay on line! With the web portal option, MOSES provides (with appropriate security precautions) the ability for members to check their family information, account status/history, pay bills or make donations -- any time, anywhere they have access to web, including tablets and smart phones!

Data Mining

You have full access to the database and can set up just about any data to be exported in a variety of formats. Once exported, you can import the data to your smart phone, or bring it into Excel and slice and dice it any way you need.


Allow different staff to access different functions with different levels of access (View, Change, Add, Delete, etc).