MOSES Can Help You Lead Your Congregation

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MOSES is a fully integrated synagogue membership management information system designed to help you run your congregation.
How can MOSES Help? You can keep your finger on the pulse of your congregation in many ways

   • get the information you need quickly to follow up on whatever enquiry you get, from a member, a staff member, a staff person, or whomever
   • keep on top of all those different activities that are going on at any one time
   • easily communicate with staff, executive committee members, committee chairs, and others
   • manage upcoming events with the help of the event calendar
   • gather statistics to plan for the future
   • and more ...

Read More on what you can do as Membership Administrator, Controller, or Committee Chair.

MOSES’ Benefits: MOSES is a comprehensive, fully integrated information system designed to help you run your congregation effectively and efficiently.  It is based on over 15 years of experience with synagogue management.

MOSES’ Features: Membership Management, Yahrzeit, Cemetery, Facilities, Events, Billing, Accounting (AR, AP, GL, Bank Rec), Communication, Web Site Integration and more!

Read About MOSES on the website.

Custom Changes: You can do so many things with MOSES! If you find something that is particular to your synagogue, we are available to make custom enhancements!

Data Conversion: When moving from another system to MOSES, we can provide the expertise and skill to carefully convert your existing data to MOSES.